#Mo Innocence

The #MoInnocence Campaign (moinnocence.org) is focused on bringing attention to the problem of wrongful convictions and unjust imprisonments in the criminal justice system. It challenges the idea that these cases are rare and the system is generally fair. The campaign uses data and individual stories to show that wrongful convictions are a serious issue and that many innocent people have lost years of their lives because of it.

In Missouri, there have been 58 known wrongful convictions, and these individuals have collectively lost more than 600 years of their lives.

Our Approach


Hosting community education forums, organizing rallies, and supporting those affected by wrongful convictions and their families.


Proposing legislative reforms such as SB1271, which aims to address the primary factor that leads to wrongful convictions: the use of informant testimony.


Educating elected officials, advocating for the passage of proposed reforms, and unifying and amplifying the voices of the impacted.

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