The #MoEmpathy Campaign is focused on bringing attention to the inhumane and poor conditions of imprisonment. It brings together family and friends of incarcerated individuals, as well as other concerned citizens and prison reform advocates, to inform, educate, and lobby elected officials to make changes to the legislation and oversight of the Missouri DOC.

In 2023, at least 134 people died inside Missouri Department of Corrections facilities, primarily because of overdoses and medical neglect, according to data.

Our Approach


Hosting community gatherings to educate and inform family, friends, and activists on ways to support their loved ones and how to advocate in the state legislature.


Raising funds and organizing mass transportation for trips to the state capitol to lobby elected officials and testify at bill hearings, such as HB1922, which had a hearing on April 12th, 2022.


Proposing legislative reforms and maintaining a regular presence in the state capitol to establish relationships with elected officials to educate them on the conditions of incarceration and what is needed to improve the conditions and rehabilitation.

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